Manual and help for the CMSimple-Plugin "multilang"

The Plugin

The Plugin "multilang" provides the function "languagemenu2" that can be used as a replacement for CMSimple's "languagemenu" function. The new language menu does not simply link to the homepage of a different language. Instead each page is directly linked if a translation exists.

To detect if a translation of a page exists a unique name for each page as to be provided in the tab "Translation".


Unzip the zip file and upload the folder "multilang" with all subfolders and files in the plugins-folder of your CMSimple-installation.


Replace the call of the "languagemenu" function in your template with the new "languagemenu2" function call.

usage in a template

To get a link to the translations of a page you have to assign a unique name to each page that is identical for each language. You can do this in the tab "Translation" in edit mode.

Tab 'Translation'

Overview of translations

To chek which pages have already been translated the plugin offers an overview. You find the overview by choosing the plugin "multilang" in the admin area.

You can switch between the overviews of different languages by clicking on the flags.

translation overview table


You can use this Plugin for free, but no warranty or guarantee.


Jesper Zedlitz <>